Abkhaz and South Ossetian Leaders ignore Circassian genocide

Russian Dictator Putin and Abkhazian ringleader Ankvab in Sochi

OCCUPIED SOCHI – Four days after being sworn in as Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin met in Sochi with pro-Kremlin ringleader of occupied Georgian region of Abkhazia Alexander Ankvab on May 11.

Abkhazian pro-Kremlin ringleader Ankvab thanked Putin for Russia’s support, which, he said, helped Abkhazia “to significantly move forward”. He, however, also said that despite of progress, many problems, which had originated from the armed conflict in early 90s, still remained unresolved.

“We have no doubt that things will develop much better,” Ankvab added.

The meeting came a day after Russia said that its Federal Security Service (FSB) found a huge arms cache in Abkhazia, intended for targeting Sochi Winter Olympic Games facilities and claiming that weapons were brought into Abkhazia by Chechen warlord Doku Umarov, who, it claimed, maintained “close links” with the Georgian security services.

On May 12 Putin met also in Sochi with Leonid Tibilov, the ringleader of Georgia’s another occupied region of South Ossetia.

Both ringleaders completely ignored the genocide of the Circassian people, and they did so in Sochi, the place where it acutally happened. Abkhazian and South Ossetian leaders criticize Georgia for recognizing the Circassian genocide, so for acknowledging an actual fact of history.

Georgians can understand the Circassian pain, because the same has happened to the Georgians of Abkhazia: tens of thousands of them were brutally murdered and hundreds of thousands driven out of their homes by the Russian agressor and their Abkhazian puppet soldiers.

Young Georgians now want to hold a support rally for the Circassians on May 21st, in Georgia.


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