Ethnic Caucasians brutally killed by Russian military servicemen

A 19 year-old boy, Georgian by origin, was brutally killed in Russian occupied city of Kislovodsk two days ago.

Russian media is reporting the details of the murder – they say the incident occurred outside one of the cafes in the city. Reportedly, three guys, Georgian, Armenian and Karachi by origin, were talking outside the cafe, when a group of Russians assaulted them.

The Russians dressed as military servicemen, killed the Armenian guy with a traumatic gun and cut the throat of the Georgian boy with a knife. Both of them died at the scene of the crime, while the third guy was hospitalized with injuries in his stomach as he was gravely stabbed by the attackers.

According to the investigation, the incident was the outcome of a conflict among the guys and the Russians, however, political experts said it was a provocative accident and it aims to wake ethnic conflicts in Russia.

Russian police have arrested several people involved in the incident. Stavropol police works in emergency regime after the incident.


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