Occupied Abkhazia – Russian terror against Georgian civilians continues

More than 100 people were kidnapped during the last two weeks in the Gali district of occupied Abkhazia (Apkhazeti) for not carrying identity documents during so-called “passport checks”.

The pro-Kremlin ringleader of the gang called: “Police of Gali” Lawrence Kogonia speaking to the local newspaper “Respublika Abkhazia” explained that carrying identity cards in the Gali district was a must, as it was a “border area”.

According to this pro-Kremlin ringleader, kidnapped persons were sent to the police station, where relatives brought their documents, or the heads of administration confirmed the fact of residence of these people in the villages.

Kogonia also noted that during the “control check” two residents of the Georgian-controlled territory were also detained. Their names have not been announced. For the moment, says the chief of police, they are waiting for a court decision “on the accusation of illegal border crossing”. He also said that the passport checks will continue, but will be more targeted.

The pro-Russian Abkhazian regime of the occupied Georgian city of Sukhumi holds “passport checks” in the Georgian-populated Gali district of Abkhazia (Apkhazeti), occupied by the Russian Federation, on the basis of a resolution, adopted at the meeting of the so-called Security Council, on strengthening the occupation line on the river Enguri and restoring order in the surrounding area.

Gali is home to the major part of the Russian occupation forces with several border posts, as well as the newly built military bases. Despite the fact that the previous de-facto regime considered the presence of the Russian occupiers in the Georgian-populated area to be the guarantor of security, the new regime’s actions indicate that the security provided by the Russian occupiers do not satisfy the requirements of capital Sukhumi, so they had to use their own measures to establish order.

These measures include increasing the staff of the pro-Russian militia gang called “Center for special purposes”  in the occupied Gali district – a militarized unit for special assignments; also tighter passport regulations, strengthening the Gali police and security services, creation of special unit for responding to incidents and carrying out preventive work in the area. It is also planned to re-inforce the occupation line on the river Enguri with technical, electronic and other means of observation, as well as ensuring its protection by border guards.


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