February 25 The Day of Soviet Occupation of Georgia

TBILISI, GEORGIA – 92st anniversary of one of the most tragic events in the history of Georgia – the Soviet Occupation Day – is marked today in Georgia. The  holiday is observed to recall the Red Army invasion and occupation of Georgia in 1921.

On the night of 11/12 February 1921, at Russian communist Ordzhonikidze`s instigation, Bolsheviks attacked local Georgian military posts in the today’s Armenian district of Lorri and the nearby village of Shulaveri, near the Armenian and Azerbaijani borders.

The 11th Red Army occupied Tbilisi the capital of Georgia. 25 February 1921By 17 February Soviet infantry and cavalry divisions supported by aircraft were less than 15 kilometers northeast of Tbilisi. The Georgian army put up a stubborn fight in defense of the approaches to the capital, which they held for a week in the face of overwhelming Red Army superiority.

30 Cadets died in the last fight for independence in 1921 in Georgia. Cadets were buried near the military church, which was situated on the territory of the parliament in the first half of the past century. Along with them was also killed Maro Makashvili, the daughter of the head of the writers` union Kote Makashvili.

On July 21, 2010, Georgia declared February 25 Soviet Occupation Day to recall the Red Army invasion of Georgia in 1921.


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