Five years after the Russian aggression against Georgian people


Five years have passed since the beginning of the Georgia-Russia war. On August 7th, under the order of the Kremlin, the troops of Russia`s regular army attacked the territory of Georgia and began to occupy the breakaway regions of Abkhazia and Tskhinvali.

The consolidation of Russia`s aggressors in the two breakaway regions began a few days before as war-criminal regime of Moscow was preparing for waging war and occupying conflict regions. Russia staged simulated attack on so-called “Russian peacekeepers” dislocated in the two regions and sent more troops to Georgia asserting they were protecting the security of the Russian citizens.

Despite the disproportion of forces, with the support of international community and the bravery of Georgian soldiers, the intervention was halted.

The two Georgian regions are still occupied by Russia, which recognized their independence despite the pressure and criticism of European countries.

In 1992-1993 and in 2008, Russia organized an ethnic cleansing of Georgians in Abkhazia and South Ossetia. More than 400,000 Georgians were driven out of Abkhazia & South Ossetia and are not allowed to return to their homes until today.  (Medvedev: “Georgians are very close and dear nation for us“…)

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